New Long Division Books

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Two new books in the Long Division series are now in the hands of my printer:

Tracy: Family Affairs 

Roy got his own book.  Now it is Tracy’s turn along with his immediate and extended family.  True love may last forever.  With Lucy’s help, Tracy must come to grips with the fact that bears (including Roy) do not.  Once again Soot provides the fantastic cover art and illustrations.  The paperback edition includes two color pin-up postcards of Tracy and Lucy, also drawn by Soot.

Beaver Damn! Lester Moore Tales

What began as a personal project to collect all of the chapters featuring Lester Moore into a single document is now an expanded collection of short stories.  In addition to those found in previous Long Division books, you will find four entirely new chapters plus a supplement that tells even more (or is that Moore?) about my favorite beaver.

Both books are now available for order through this site and will be shipping around December 1.