The Future of Long Division

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Now that "Tracy: Family Affairs" has been printed, the world of Long Division is in uncharted territory. For the first time since I established this site, I do not have any completed books in the publishing queue. So what now?  Is the Long Division project dead? The answer is no, although it may take some time for future books to become available.  

Up to this point, all of the artwork for LD has been on the tame side. But I have been dreaming of a collection which adds new art to some of the hottest adult chapters. Each story would feature a distinct couple from the series in a full-page color illustration showing them engaged in an explicit sexual act. There would be approximately ten chapters in total, printed in a magazine sort of format.

Once upon a time, I began recording an audio version of “Book I: Roy & Tracy”. I may have to dust off my microphone and sound editing software to revive that project. Acting out some of those chapters has proven to be a challenge and more time-consuming than you might imagine.

Finally, I have a number of completed stories in my new material folder. At this point, the number is few and there is no coherent theme to tie them together. We will have to wait and see how my muse decides to fill in the gaps.

The one thing I can promise is that I will let my loyal customers know as new books become available. If you have made a purchase from this site, you are already on my mailing list. If you are not yet a customer, but would like to be kept informed, use the Contact page on this site to let me know.